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  • 3 min read

    Babies will soil around 2500 nappies before they even make it to their second year of life. That's a lot of waste going into landfills if you exclusively use disposable nappies. One way new parents can be kinder to the environment is to use reusable nappies. They can be a lot more cost-effective as well. Here's a quick rundown on how to make the transition to reusable nappies.

    Using Reusable Nappies

    There are a few different reusable nappy systems on the market but in general, the principles of using them are similar. Follow these steps:

    • Add a night-time or day-time pad to the inside of the nappy.
    • Put the nappy on your baby using the appropriate fasteners
    • Check the nappy for snugness so you don't get any leaks.
    • Make sure it's not too tight or too loose.

    Different types of reusable nappies will use their own fastening system, so check the instructions on how to fit the nappy. Some reusable nappies will require folding, so you might need to develop some skills in that department.

    Folding may not be your thing, but you can always get fitted reusable nappies that fit your baby much like many of the fitted disposable nappies do. Reusable pocket nappies include a waterproof outer layer, but if you are using some other type you can add a

    Cleaning Reusable Nappies

    The biggest thing to get used to about reusable nappies is cleaning them. Once you get a system going, keeping yourself in a steady supply of fresh nappies is pretty straightforward.

    Keep your dirty nappies separate from your regular laundry. You won't have to worry too much about only doing a half load. Babies can get pretty busy in the nappy soiling department, so you will always be able to keep the washing machine working at capacity.

    Follow this reusable nappy washing routine:

    • Remove and flush solid waste. You may have to rinse the waste away with newborns. Rinse them with clean water and store them in a dry bucket and wash when you have a full washing machine load.
    • Always fasten velcro nappies before washing to stop them from snagging.
    • Use a pre-wash cycle first before giving them the full-wash treatment. Don't skimp on the wash cycle, always use a long one.
    • Make sure you use detergents that won't leave irritants in the cloth. Remember, your baby's skin will be more sensitive to such things.
    • Fabric softeners and bleach will reduce the usable lifespan of your nappies, so avoid using them.
    • Give your nappies the nose test before putting them away. If they have an odour, back in the bucket they go. A little baking soda and vinegar are excellent and natural alternatives for combatting nappy odours.

    We recommend line drying your reusable nappies as it will reduce the wear and tear that tumble drying adds to the cleaning process.

    Everyday Carry for Pocket Nappies

    Like a good scout, parents of newborns should always have their everyday carry kit prepared and ready to go. It's no fun packing your nappy bag when you are in a hurry because you will always forget something important.

    Keep your nappy bag well-stocked and you will always be ready to go at a moment's notice. Here's what to carry in your reusable pocket nappy system:

    • At least three fresh pocket nappies. More if you know you will be out all day.
    • Rash ointment
    • Moist baby wipes
    • Wet bags for storing soiled nappies. You will need these to keep odours in until you get home and can clean
    • Extra inserts
    • Wet bags for storage until you get home

    Whenever you use something while you are out, always replace it as soon as you get home. That way, you will never have to worry about getting caught nappy less when you're in the middle of the weekly grocery shop.

    Are you looking for the easiest, most convenient nappy system but don't want to contribute to the landfill with disposable nappies? Give pocket nappies a go. We guarantee you will love the convenience.

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